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Finally Revealed - THE TOP SECRETS YOU SHOULD KNOW, which they have been hiding from you!

We strongly believe that revealing these top secrets will enhance people's lives, give value to their lives, and drastically reduce joblessness, poverty, and lack, partly responsible for high crime rate in this our present world.

Friend, I strongly suggest you take out just ten minutes to gracefully study this report very well. Print it out if you have to; for this may mark the beginning of new things and the long awaited financial freedom you’ve been praying for.

With the present financial crisis worldwide and the high rate at which people are becoming jobless, having the right tools enable you to stand above the water and the storms. 

We have reviewed numerous income opportunities with most having two consistent characteristics, they promise everything, but when it comes to delivery, they fall short of it.  Why?  Some of these programs itemised here are what thousands of people have been struggling with, day and night, without making a success out of it.  This is due to the fact that they've not discovered the real secrets of success the originators or organizers of some of these programs are hiding from people; these originators are powerful and rich people and the bitter fact is that they don't have your best interest at heart only to drain your pocket.  By that people keep on struggling endlessly and without a success; that is the main reason why I am here: to expose these secrets.   I have this advice for you that YOU JUST HAVE TO START WORKING SMART AND NOT WORKING HARD (as a general saying) otherwise you will quickly wear out.  If you have ever wanted to make money starting and running your own business that is recession proof, then one of the areas you should consider is online business and some latest and unique offline businesses as well.  But not just any how because you have to discover some certain hidden secrets (by the originators or organisers) to follow to attain the ladder of success.  In case you may be thinking that this is another known marketing gimmick,  I will advise you that you need to have a BIG RETHINK.

First of all, I want to make it known to you that I am not here to make money from you by selling you something.  No, far from it.  I make enough money for myself doing my own online businesses at my own convenient times.  But I want to be in your own book of record that I am partly, if not fully, responsible for your financial freedom.  And also, I believe strongly that exposing these secrets will add value to people’s lives and reduce poverty or joblessness partly responsible for crime rate in this our present world once they key themselves into various passive income ideas. 

THE PROBLEM TODAY IS THAT MOST PEOPLE HAVE DIFFICULTY ACCEPTING THE FACT THAT THERE ARE EASIER AND LEGAL WAYS TO MAKE MONEY AND THERE ARE WAYS TO MAKE A LOT OF MONEY IN A VERY LITTLE TIME.  THOUSANDS AND MILLIONS STILL BELIEVE THAT TO MAKE A DIME YOU HAVE TO SWEAT AND WORK TIRELESSLY.  BUT FRIEND, THE STORY HAS CHANGED BECAUSE WE HAVE SETTLED THE SCORE FOR YOU. See, you just have to stop struggling unnecessarily in life. I don’t know about you, but I like shortcuts that are legal and legal, and I seriously hate a stressful life. And may I say this that these secrets that I want to reveal are only meant for serious, rich-minded and LAZY people or investors who really intend to make money legally.  These are opportunities in which you need to take a position right now.  You can turn yourself into a millionaire in a few months to this time if only you will act on these secret information you’re about to discover.

Frankly speaking, I have every right if not authority to take you to the richest place in the world ever by showing you handedly these money-making secrets of our time. I am ready to show a number of GUARANTEED SECRETS that MUST be pumping steady cash flow into your account till you leave this mother earth. A lot of people are looking for that one thing or the other, like investments or where to invest and what to invest, to get them out of that boring job or to add to their income.  I know you want to live the life you dream of, without living from paycheck to paycheck about your finances and regardless of global economic meltdown. Are you tired of going around in circles on the net looking for something that will actually make you money? You have spent so much money browsing without making a dime!  This is a revenge time and I tell you, you will definitely recoup all the money you have wasted if only you can have access to these uncommon (scarce) secrets the rich do not want you to have.

Just before you hiss and take the above TRUTH for granted, please take about 10 to 15 minutes to go through the 28 items analyzed below:

1** DISCOVER A PROVEN AND LATEST SECRET THAT WILL EASILY MAKE YOU $200 - $300 PER DAY WITH WWW.TRADERUSH.COM: Yes, I mean between $200 and $300 on daily basis without sweating.  This information will give you a guaranteed income if you follow our strategies.  You will discover the secret I use to regularly bank steady income of $70 - $100 per hour trading currency with Binary Options which is a fixed rate return way of trading stocks, commodities and currencies.  In this report, the only best currency to trade with, which is one of the investment strategies, will be revealed to you.

2** CANADA VISA CONSULTANCY:  We charge average of $4,195 to procure Canadian visa for each of our clients.  We have a Canadian born lawyer that handles all the paper works, invitation letters and visa processing application for our clients anywhere they are. We spend less down $1,615 to secure visa for each of our client and we pocket the rest. There is a lots of money to be made in Visa consultancy service.  Canada government gives up to about 350,000 immigration privilege to Canada every year.  This package will teach you how to start your own small business procuring Canada visa for teaming number of people who want to travel. You don't need a capital to start, just have a contact point.  You will be given a Canadian lawyer that will handle the paper work of your clients, and if you will like to travel to Canada yourself or send your child to Canada, this section will help you to do that without involving agents. Your breakthrough in this business start after you had successfully processed visa to someone.  Others will be bringing each other.  You will be making huge money processing all kinds of Visa for your clients, whether for vacation, travel and work, visitation, and student visa etc.. Someone that I know sells this information for $290. But for you, you are paying almost nothing to have it..

3** FREE UNIVERSITY EDUCATION IN EUROPE AND USA:  You will be given names and websites of schools where you can study (undergraduate and post-graduate) abroad for free.  This package contains list of free universities and polytechnics in Europe and USA.  Some of these schools in USA will accommodate you, educate you free of charge and even give a job.  I know somebody that is selling this information alone for $130.

4** THOUSANDS OF SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITIES:  This package contains scholarship opportunities around the world for both colleges and universities education.  Some education consultancy service companies sell a package of a single scholarship opportunity for students at a huge amount of money.   But, I will show you where to get database of thousands of opportunities and how to make money from it.  You will make so mush money that will really scare you.

5** ELECTRONIC CASH E-BOOKS: Do you have an intention of going into electronic business? Do you intend going into sales of electronics devices like, GSM phones, ipods, blackberry, digital cameras, DVD players, MP3 & MP4, security equipments, flash drives, androids, digital camcorders, etc.  Then, I welcome you to the world of cheap electronic sources where you can buy anything dirty cheap.  The manual will reveal to you tricks to get very cheap electronics and where you can sell your electronics. You source for it, and you get it if you follow what I will teach you.  Also, you'll Get a Unique Information on How and Where To Get All Kinds of Electronics Free.  Do you know that there some manufacturers that give out free electronics to people to test or review?  These products, once given to you, become yours.  You don't need to return it.  These free electronics could be laptops, flash drives, televisions, DVD players, electric stoves, handsets, etc.  This manual will reveal to you those certain and sure companies that dash out these electronics and it will reveal to you the step-by-step on how to achieve it.

6** ONLINE GLOBAL STOCK TRADING: The richest man on earth today is a stock trader from Russia. He bought into some American stocks that recently spike up to make him the richest man on earth. This section will reveal to you the investment strategies entailed in stock market; it will teach you how to start trading Global Stocks micro-cap , Nano-cap stocks and blue chips stocks like coca-cola, google, Disney etc. Nano-cap stocks rise more than 100% per day. Some of them rise more than 1000% within 24 hours, and you may have several dozens of them that rise within a week. Example: SoftQuad Software, Ltd. (OTCBB:SXML), an internationally recognized internet software developer, had its start as a public company via a reverse merger into The American Sports Machine, Inc. Initial trading of AMRP was at $.03125 per share and soared to a high of $50 per share or 159,900% six weeks later. If you have invested a little $250 to buy this stock at the rate of $.03125, your little $250 would have purchased a total number of 8000 shares! This stock latter rose to $50 in six week11/2 month, which would have given you the total some of $400,000. $250 becomes $400,000 in six mere weeks, yeah! You may go to Google finance, type in the name of this stock on stock search box and click the history to confirm this claim!

7** THE BACKBONE OF ONLINE ROULETTE SYSTEM IS BROKEN: We have broken the code of online roulette and we have done what no person thought possible.  You will discover our own secrets of pulling out massive money from online roulette. You can start with a minimum of $50 - $200. These secrets offer you opportunity of making deals with a large bonus, making correct and accurate predictions and choosing tables with high payout that drastically mininizes the house advantage and maximizes your chance of making profits. With these secrets, you are sure of making maximum profit.  You are assured of making guaranteed minimum of $10 in every 4 minutes with these secrets i.e. at least $150 per hourYou have nothing to lose in this system but a lot to gain because we have discovered the reasons why the game goes against you.  We will disclose to you HOW the system cheats you and what to do to stop it from putting you at loss.   We call it Non-Stop Money Making machine.  Besides, you will be given the broken code to use to beat online roulette system mercilessly.  And I have this to say that, with our own secret code which you will learn, it is 100% risk free. Before, the online roulette had only been gaining money from the players playing the table.  But now, we have broken its backbone and taken the “law of averages” and turned it into your own advantages to give you 160% certainty of your field coming up. This is the only e-book of its kind that gives you more than one way to do this; tips and advanced information beyond the original idea.  YOU CAN NEVER GET THESE SECRETS ANYWHERE.

 8a** GOOGLE JACKET: This is how to make over $2,000 monthly.  Guess what?  What I am about to reveal to you will shock you.  In this system, you don't need a blog, you don't need a website, you don't need to sell anything, no traffic headache, no network marketing, no referral, no email processing, no paypal problem, no file to upload, no affiliate marketing, you don't have to create any video, no investment is needed, and it is completely risk free.  What then is this system?  You asked.  This is a very special system totally different from other stuff you have been hearing about.  This system is called "Google Jacket".  In this method, you don't need a website or blog to make a minimum of $2,000 monthly.  Imagine making this kind of figure monthly without investing any dime.  You won't worry about money in your life again?  Miss this and miss out to poverty.

8b** GOOGLE ADSENSE SECRET CASH: Discover today how hundreds of people are earning $100 -  $500 every single day using the same search engine tool.  Have you heard of Google adsense before? Or maybe this is your first time of hearing about this money making tool.  You can make huge money from Google without any investment.  No capital involved at all.  All you just need is basic idea of browsing internet.  The general requirements are: internet connection, an email address, a simple blog or website, traffic, and then the knowledge which I am going to show you in my package.  Set it up and start earning fast cool cash from google today.  It is that simple.  This is a risk free way to make emergency cash from online without rubbing your neighbours.  No capital involved.  You receive your money monthly either through Western Union or cheque paid into your bank account.  I have personally prepared an e-book that will show you step by step guide on making minimum of $100 daily from Google.  The same secrets I use from making cool dollars from the World's Search Engine Google is what I will hand over to you.  These are what you will discover in my e-book:

a. How to register for a google adsense account under 2 minutes,

b. How to have a simple blog or mini website,

c. How to get free contents to your blog so that you will be accepted by google fast.  You will also learn how to get massive traffic to your blog or website,

d. How to build an auto adsense empire, a giant website on any topic up to 10,000 pages within seconds.  The automatic adsense builder generates new pages everytime and adds them to your website all on autopilot.  No articles to write whatsoever, and this gives you an edge over others,

e. And my revenue generator pack which explains my profit strategies and secrets of Adsense cash that gives you $100 - $500.

9** DEEP SECRETS OF DOMAIN BUSINESS: You will discover how to register domains with $10 and sell it above $500, $1,200, $3,000, $5,000, $10,000, etc.  You will also discover how to make monthly income from parking domains before selling it.  I will also disclose to you the strategies to adopt to make a great fortune from domain business that will make you sell or get buyers for your domains every two-week or every month non-stop. Follow these strategies and start making unending money from this week. This is still the best investment I have ever seen.

10** 100 COMPANIES THAT CAN PAY YOU $100 ALTOGETHER DAILY:  Get 100 companies that are ready to pay you $100 daily working for just two hours daily without spending a dime.  You will be shocked by your ignorance for not knowing this since.

11** THE SECRET CODE OF MAKING GREAT FORTUNE THROUGH ONLINE SURVEYS WILL BE REVEALED TO YOU: Get information on where to get $20 to $50, $5 to $200, $5 to $25, $75 to $150, $1, and $2 for every survey completed daily.  Paid survey is operated by companies that produce products.  They want to know your view or mind through the surveys. A survey is a prepared question; all you need is to click on any options.  You can't be wrong even if you choose rubbish; they will still take it as your honest and sincere opinion; that is one of the reasons why I love surveys.  So you are not supposed to pay for paid survey programme at all. You don't have to pay for registration unlike others. Any organization that tells you to register with some money and then give you a list of programs is a scam.  The companies are supposed to pay you to give them your opinion. Even there are some survey sites that pay you for free the moment you register with them. In fact, in online survey alone, I see no reason why you won't make great fortune out of it if taken seriously with minimum of $2,000 monthly. The truth is that you can determine how much you will make. TWO UNDISPUTABLE SECRET CODES of how to make it big in online survey will be revealed to you.  My friend, these are the ONLY SMART WAYS you need to know to rake in thousands of dollars from this alone.  TRY TO WORK SMART LEGALLY NOT WORK HARD. Forget about other means and do not let anybody deceive you. This has never been discovered before.  We just discovered it.  Just follow our instructions.  That is all.

12** GET YOUR LAPTOP FOR AS LOW AS $26 OR $100: How much do you want to buy a laptop? do you have $300, $400, $500, $600?  Keep your money first.  I will show you how an IBM laptop was bought for just only $26.  The exact secret of how and where to get yours for the same amount will be given to you.  Also, I will give you another information on how to get and get and get your own brand new laptop for as low as $100 without referring a person at all and without any form of stress. With this alone you can go into laptop sales business on your own and be making your money.

13** MY GUARDED SECRETS TO INFORMATION BUSINESS FORTUNE: An easy step-by-step guide to becoming a success in info business.  100% GUARANTEED. 300 years ago, land was the greatest wealth here on earth; then factories and production rose to dominance; and today IT’S INFORMATION BUSINESS. And the person who has the timeliest information owns the wealth. It is one of the laziest businesses I have ever seen. Get your copy today.  I have gone through the stages of not making a single cent in the past and genuinely want to help those who are willing to give it a shot.  This report is simple enough that any info marketer who picks it up will understand it quickly and start seeing profit in the quickest time possible, even within a few daysThis report is for those who do not have enough or any internet marketing experience, who may not need to own their own products, who are making a few hundreds dollars but wish to ramp it up, and who want to start making money online ASAP.  I am going to unleash secrets some gurus are using but are not telling you.  And these are the secrets I use to rake in thousands of dollars.  So grab your copy today.

14** 44 WAYS: These, also, are another great online fortunes.  They are other 44 hot ways to turn your computer into a cash machine.  These are hot ways to which people have not been exposed.  It’s only a few informed people that are locked unto these and they are utilizing these opportunities to the fullest.  You will discover these ways amazingly and how to become a business owner and make endless money. You may not go into all; just choose and get keyed to two or three ways out of all and you are on your way to full and amazing financial breakthrough. With very little or no money, and also very little time, you can run a hugely profitable business online …ONCE you know where the leverage points are.

We shall reveal to you the world's cheapest wholesale online stores where you can shop for any choice item and have them delivered to your door step without having to travel abroad. You can buy anything you want from these websites at any price.  Yes, even a $1 item you can get it there for $0.1. This is not a joke and I am not kidding you at all.  You will be shown where to buy, for example, laptops for as low as $100 as against over $500 in other places/sites and get them here.  By this, you can decide to go into laptop sales business if you like.  Again, I will show you another undisclosed secret/code you can use to get any item far below the fixed cheap or low prices on these websites. 

16** INCREDIBLE FREE PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL CONSULTATION WEBSITE: You will be exposed  to a website that will radically cut down on your hospital expenses by 90%. A website where you get medical consultation from professional medical doctors for FREE no matter the sickness. Feel overwhelmed by life's pressure? Try this tip to calm the storm.  Explore possible causes for your symptoms.  Look up prescription and over-the-counter drug information.  Hundreds of physicians, scientists, and researchers are there to share their expertise and to empower you. No need making noise here.  I have not had even a simple headache for good 6 years plus since I know this site.  Friend, just tell me the essence of making money if you are not healthy to enjoy it before leaving it for your generation(s) that may waste it on liabilities.  God forbids.  But don’t worry at all because I MUST hand over the secret to you so that you must also be healthy and live longer to enjoy your accumulated RICHES and WEALTH as you wish.

17** BOOKS FOR MILLIONS: This is an undisclosed secret of making mega cash using simple strategies.  It has nothing to do with making money online.  So having a clickbank account, paypal account  or any of all that makes no difference.  You are about to be exposed to a secret that has been hidden for a long time.  I am about to show to you how to buy books online for as low as $0.05 and have them shipped to your location for $3.  And the same books can be sold anywhere for nothing less than $20.  Which means you will be making at least 400% of any money invested.  Not only that, I will then expose you to four ways to make money from books online.  With these methods, you can start generating $50, $100, or $250 daily online selling books that you did not author.  If you are willing to learn these secrets, then give me some minutes to explain some vital information by placing your order.

18** GET A FOOTBALL TRADING MANUAL THAT WILL MAKE YOU EARN OVER $2000 MONTHLY.  The manual is all about online betting with sports betting and it contains hot trading strategies you need to succeed and realize this money monthly.  It shows you how all your guess works will be taken away.  Just get the picks for the day, logon, place your bets and wait for your cash.  In this manual, you will discover how $350 was turned to over $90,000 in 1½ years by using this sport trading formula.  If you desire to make income daily from sport betting, that is football betting, every 90 minutes and 90 seconds, then this manual is for you.  It requires minimum of 10 minutes per day.  It is a very lucrative and less risky business.  You can start with an amount that is even far lesser than $350 (like $10, $20, $50, $100, etc) and you will definitely make thousands of dollars.  Football season is on at present.  You can make cool dollars by supporting your favourite clubs like Manchester United, Inter Milan, Bacerlona FC, etc.  When my friends are wasting their time and money watching these football matches, I am making money from these teams.  Their teams work on the field and I sit down with my system profiting and making steady cash from their sweats.  You too can do the same thing.  Virtual football trading is like a real event, but instead of waiting for the outcome and then waiting for the next week to place another trade on your favourite team, you can do it every 90 seconds.  In virtual football trading/betting, a week of play lasts only for 90 seconds; you will play a complete season every hour meaning that you can play 24 seasons in a day.  This is over 918 weeks of football every day.  With this, you can make over 100% of your initial capital in a day if you dedicate more time to it.  The various betting websites will be reveal to you and the profitable and the recommended one will also will be given as well.

In addition. you will be given another manual that explains real-time football or sport betting where betting is made live.  Friend, with this alone, be rest assured that your life would be positively turned around financially because you would be given a few sites that predict the outcome of a sport event with at least 90% of accuracy.  You have access to these sites free of charge.  Go there, get the predictions, place your bet, and then you go and sleep with peace of mind.  Two good websites would be given to you for you to place your betting.  It is the hottest money making tool you need this time around.  This can be called a football cash without betting because you have already known the outcome of the match.  So virtually, it could be otherwise called soccer without betting.  Please, pay a close attention to this because you are about to get your own share of multibillion dollars flowing around in soccer.  Watching football is fun, but making cool cash out of it is much more profitable and better when there is no risk involved.  With this alone, you have diverse ways to make money from because it is not limited to football alone.  It could be hockey, tennis, horse racing, motor racing, golf, snooker, cricket, boxing, etc.  You could make money from any of these or you could make make money from all the sport activities.

19** DISCOVER TOP SECRET OF TRAVELING ABROAD LEGALLY WITHOUT GOING TO THE EMBASSY FOR VISA:  The journey of my traveling abroad began with the same powerful secret I am about to show you.  WHY YOU SHOULD TRAVEL ABROAD!    The highlighted statement is not like a direct question but a command like statement.  In other words, it could have read , I COMMAND YOU TO TRAVEL ABROAD.  Ok, why I am commanding you?  As the faces of people are different from one another so is the reasons they give for traveling out of their countries.  This is a universal truth.  Let us take a look at why people travel abroad: To further their educations; to go and get married; to attend seminars, conferences, and workshops; as a result of winning contests and competitions; to seek medical attention; to represent their countries or companies in international events; some travel just for fun or pleasure; to break family jinx; and some travel on sponsorship.  Indeed, the list of reasons are endless.  Friend, whatever reason you want to travel, I am on your side and YOU SHOULD TAKE ACTIONS IMMEDIATELY AS SOON AS YOU HAVE THIS SECRET (TRAVEL ABROAD WITHOUT GOING THE EMBASSY FOR VISA). NOTE: This does not include, or pertain to, all countries. You will also discover how to travel by plane within Nigeria and get between 20% and 50% discount off your ticket fees.

20** MAKE MONEY ONLINE WITH AN INTERNET RADIO SHOW: Did you ask me how? Wait! It is a great idea you need to know.  Have you ever thought of hosting your own radio show.  If you have any experience with offline radio then you already know that it can be very expensive.  Now, with this manual you can have your own FREE RADIO SHOW.  A radio show would be a great extension of your existing business and could be an excellent way of providing premium content to your clients or customers.   You may even want to pursue this idea as a complete business plan.  It is definitely an idea worth trying because it is free to start and offers a great deal of potential in attracting new customers and broaden your business.

21** HOW TO CREATE A KILLER MINI SITE IN LESS THAN AN HOUR Web designing is lucrative job if taken serious.  You can design websites for yourself or for people and charge them 10k, 15k, 20k or more depending on the nature of the design. I designed this website you are seeing and is being maintained by me.  Another interesting thing about web design is that you can pick one of the available templates and insert your own words and/or images as desired. In this package alone, you will be given two different manuals that explain two different ways by which websites can be created.  You will also be given a website design software that will enable you achieve one of the two ways easily.

22** BINARY [BETONMARKETS] TRADING SIMPLIFIED AT LAST: This is strictly a method that works for me.  It is a strategy that enables me earn over $100 per day.  It is silently making some people rich.  The blue print will be given to you.  Just follow our strategies and you get your cash. Forget Forex you know.  I am set to reveal to you the latest, easiest and safest strategy we adopt to siphon super money from a system called 'Tick Trading' in binary [betonmarkets].  This is a new concept on the internet and my e-package will reveal to you the simple step by step guide on how to get started and be making cool cash of minimum of $100 daily trading in the morning and/or in the evening between two hours.  It is a very easy trading system and in fact some of those who have bought my package before have written me that they have dumped forex completely for this. This is because it is far better than forex.  You can start with $50 today and it is another risk free program and you are guaranteed a perfect huge return on your money when you start trading using my comprehensive guide.

23** To earn unlimited money from online business, you must have some internet business skills like blogging, article marketing, backlinking, website building, and other marketing skills. I am what am today because I acquired these skills. Any one can tell you a particular way to earn some money online but without these skills you won't reach the peak of the money.  Teaching you this skills will take you much time and money that is why I recommend you the best shortcut to all of this skills. What am trying to say is that what you would have learned in 1 year could be acquired under 2 weeks. This happened to me and I will not like it to happen to you.
I recommend a website for you, and you will never regret having a membership account with them. You pay about $35 to gain access to this website but I am giving you the access to this website on my own together with other packages if you place an order.  You will be amazed by hundreds of online job opportunities you will get following the secrets and steps inside this website.  Are you a graduate, jobless person, or you want to be on your own, then this is the golden opportunity for you.

24** UNLIMITED $$$$ FREE GIFTS: Unbelievable but true. I was not opportuned to get this information when I was starting but to show you that you must succeed with me online I am giving out this scarce golden information that tells you where to download thousands of softwares and ebooks freely with international market standard for the benefit of upcoming internet business people or marketers. I can say they are the freebies of our time. This rare website has all the old and new softwares and ebooks for you free. I know some Nigerian online marketers will be calling me a fool because they won't release this information for any amount of money.  But I have decided to give it out.  These softwares and ebooks worth thousands of dollars combined together, and they are some of what you need to succeed online.  They are what you can use on your own or sell to make endless money.  This is not a fraudulence  neither a scam.  This manual will reveal to you the legitimate means of downloading any ebooks or softwares you need without paying a dime.  You will be given two unique different ways/methods by which this can be achieved.

25** ARTICLE REWRITER AND MASS ARTICLE CREATOR: Are you an article writer?  Do you get bored when it comes to article writing? Do you spend a lot of time with headace on writing articles?  Do you get confused when writing articles? Don't worry.  This manual will give you two different article rewriters and a mass article creator to enable you promote your products, blog or website.

26** AUTORESPONDER: Why would you pay tens of dollars per month, or hundreds/thousands of dollars per year when you could have your own autoresponder script installed on your server or website? You get your own autoresponder software and step by step on how to install it on your site. With this, you would be able to send email newsletters to your subscribers, website signup forms, collect and manage your subscribers, autoresponder follow up messages, automate your marketing campaign, etc.

27** INCOME STREAMS: This is another ways of making endless cash online with affiliates programs, ebooks, ebay referral, your own niche directory, selling stock photos, interviewing experts, classified advertising sites, local real estate portal, creating your own software, teleseminars and webinars, residual income programs, audio ecourses, as a coach/consultant, with a content site, as a virtual assistant, local online mall, with social networking sites, providing helpdesk support, and owning a membership site.  All is done or could be done online to emergency and endless cash.

28** GET 21 MILLION E-MAIL CONTACTS/ADDRESSES WITH THREE DIFFERENT DIRECT E-MAIL SENDERS AND A BULK SMS SENDER: I will give you 1 million targeted Nigerian e-mail lists with GSM numbers and 20 million emails from other countries to boost the sales of your products or services.  These emails are from mail servers like Gmail, MSN, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, etc.  What are your marketing options for your e-biz today?  Free classified [doesn't work], banners? [nobody visit them anymore], e-zine? [tons of users needed], search engine? [easily buried with thousands of others]. So what does work? E-MAIL and PHONE CONTACT.  It has changed business communication forever.  It sells, promotes, brands, informs, reminds, creates buzz and best of all, it's cost effective. With our power packed bulk email list which contains 21 million email addresses as well as two different powerful softwares needed to send bulk mail, you will be making money within no time from your e-business with proper marketing.  Our 21 million email addresses will result in:

a. Very high response rates

b. Higher sales conversion ratio

c. More receptive prospects

d.  Let's say you are selling a product of $5 and you mailed messages to 21 million emails, then:

- your response rate of 210000 [1 in 100] may give an income of $1,050,000,

- your response rate of 21000 [1 in 1,000] may give an income of $105,000,

- your response rate of 2100 [1 in 10,000] may give an income of $10,500,

- your response rate of 210 [1 in 100,000] may give an income of $1,050

[NOTE: Your own result may vary depending on the type of products you're marketing]. 

You can sell anything and do better than that.  The email lists are segmented and easily managed.  The two powerful direct email senders are used to send or campaign to hundreds, thousands, or millions of people, customers, and prospects and ensure the emails are properly delivered to the recipients. 

In addition, you will be given a Bulk E-Mail Extractor that you can easily use to extract hundreds or thousands of email addresses from different mail servers.  You enter the keywords, press a start button and the software extracts thousands of email addresses from search results.  Also, a Bulk GSM Number Generator will be be given to you.  It is a software for generating mobile numbers of any digits and any country.  Generated mobile numbers can be saved in 'excel' or 'txt' format.


Again, it doesn't stop there alone, the following bonus are for you:

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